ME 2019 Schedule

Marketing Edge 2019 Schedule

8:30 am

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9:00 am
Opening Session with Keynote Alexander Knoll
An inspiring story of a young inventor’s journey to change the world

Q&A with the founder of Ability App, Alexander Knoll. Moderated by Christie Post.

Alexander Knoll

Founder, Ability App

Christie Post

Hypergiant Industries

10:15 am
Breakout Session #1


Magnolia A
Gather ‘Round: Building Community Among Diverse Multicultural Markets With Well-Crafted Experiences

The marketing landscape has become as diverse as our society here in the United States. We’re a connected nation, literally, tapping and swiping for the latest news, updates, recommendations and more. As digitally connected as we are, it’s critical that we continue to incorporate tangible in-person experiences into our marketing strategies. That task can be daunting, especially when trying to attract an audience that is incredibly nuanced culturally. When do you make the call to focus on a multicultural experience? How do you target a range of consumers from different diverse backgrounds without making them feel like you’re trying to execute a “catch-all” event?


During this session we’ll explore how to captivate a diverse audience through the lens of experiential marketing in an authentic way. You’ll leave with proven strategies that will help you navigate how (and when) to build an experience for niche multicultural markets as well as create more all-encompassing experiences that focus on an array of diverse consumers. 


Candace Queen

Founder + Creative Director
Queen Creative Group/// Tabernacle, Inc.

Live Oak
MarTech & Algorithms & Data Science, Oh My! Following The Yellow Brick Road to the 4th Industrial Revolution

Did you come to AMA Marketing Edge to find out how the 4th industrial revolution will impact your marketing efforts? If so, then this session is for you! Long gone are the days where marketing is a manual effort to identify the right mix for product, place, price, and promotion.  MarTech, algorithms, and data science has transformed marketing efforts with data and now you can too. 


Join Zeanique L. Barber – founder of Zenith Latitude, a creative strategic technology, pro-client consultant firm – for the secrets that make the world’s most successful companies, non-profit and government agencies’ marketing efforts impactful, and memorable to their customer, donor and constituency base.  Zeanique will challenge the notion of marketing being either creative or analytical and give you ideas on how to bring your marketing efforts into the 4th industrial revolution. We are not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to Texas y’all, where everything is bigger, including Marketing!


Zeanique L. Barber

Zenith Latitude

Automate your Marketing for a Diverse Audience

Learn from one of the foremost executive strategists in digital marketing, advertising, and media about proven methods to communicate with your audience in an increasingly diversifying and tech-centered world. In this educational session, you’ll understand how to structure your digital initiatives, and why you might need to adjust your focus to be more well-received. Join us and learn about using automation in your marketing, implementing a joint inbound-outbound approach, the importance of a multi/omni-channel presence, and why it’s crucial to frame your content through an educational lens.



Kevin England

Founder and CEO

11:00 am
Coffee Break


11:15 am
Breakout Session #2


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Transforming Houston Arts Audiences through Innovation

Houston is the nation’s 4th largest city and provides one of the largest selections for the arts. Yet, traditionally, our city is only known for its food. We will discover how we are bringing together local communities and visitors to support live and visual arts through very simple technology use cases. In order to sustain our art community, we have to diversify the audiences that participate. Merlex Picks has been on that journey since 2015 and will share how you can duplicate efforts to build a strong and sustainable community.


Mercedes Harris

Chief Innovation Officer
Merlex Picks

Accelerating Your Business in the Age of Digitization 
CMO and C-Suite Panel, Moderated by Steven Leeper

This executive panel will discuss how their marketing strategies are evolving to expand their reach and targeting in the increasingly digital environment. They will share their personal stories around leveraging automation and technology alongside traditional mediums to drive customer engagement and prospect conversion. The panel will share both success stories and lessons they’ve learned along the journey.

Bryan Gregory

President and Head of Sales and Marketing Aldridge

Chau Nguyen

Chief Public Strategies Officer
Houston Area Women’s Center

Katie S. Scallan

Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash

Robin Tooms

Members Choice Credit Union

Steven Leeper

Founder of Matchstick

11:45 am


12:00 pm
Lunch Session


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12:30 pm
Lunch Keynote Session with Will Griffin
AI is taking over the world: Now What?

AI is an apex technology that will affect every aspect of human life from the cradle to the grave. This creates a unique opportunity for marketers, well-versed in ethics, to thrive and create enormous value in the new world.

Will Griffin

VP, Ethics & Diversity in AI

1:30 pm
Breakout Session #3


Magnolia A
Diversity & Inclusion: An integral part of business
The Power of Inclusive Marketing

Panel Discussion facilitated by Stephen Brent May


Anna McKay

Parents Pivot

Bennett Bennett

Gradient Group

Dori Albora

Director of Marketing
Pierpont Communications

Tammi Wallace

Founder & Principal Consultant
EnFocus Group

Nicole Elliot

Marketing Advisor

Live Oak
What Reality is the Right Reality? How XR is Revolutionizing Marketing

The Augmented/Virtual Reality market is expected to explode from a $17B industry to $160B by 2023. It is fascinating that many people are familiar with consumer-facing applications of AR/VR, but few companies have successfully harnessed the potential in the B2B space. We will provide the foundation you need to capitalize on an emerging market and drive innovation for your clients. You will learn how to navigate the sea of acronyms in the emerging tech space and understand how AR/VR can be a sales enabling tool to generate leads and close more business. You will also see examples of companies who have successfully integrated AR/VR experiences in their sales and marketing strategies.

Brian Bogus

CEO and Co-Founder

Innovate Your Way to Customer Satisfaction. . . and Increased Revenue

Houston Airport System has been on a journey – one of understanding and respect for its passengers and their time. 

Respecting its passengers means making information available when, how and where they want it. Focus on the mobile digital experience ensures the availability of the information passengers need and want, from parking availability to live security wait times to flight information to airport restaurant menus to browser-based interactive maps complete with estimated walking times.  

Respecting its passengers saves their time, both at home and while traveling, which drives both increased passenger satisfaction AND revenues. That makes passengers happy, and the CFO too!


Take away innovative ideas that can apply to your business, too!

Kathleen Boyd

Founder and CEO
Kathleen Boyd & Associates

2:15 pm
Cookie Break


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2:30 pm
Breakout Session #4


Magnolia A
How to Get Started with AI at Work and Home

Everyone knows that Artificial Intelligence is integrating with our lives on a daily basis. There are different use cases of pioneering AI technology impacting entire industries – whether that’s in farming or in medicine. However, these changes really hard to grasp at the individual level. 

Where do you get started about learning more if you have no prior knowledge of AI? If you’re someone in marketing or finance, how does AI really impact your day to day life? How can you leverage the technologies that already exist to make life easier? This talk will go through a high-level overview of available AI technologies through Microsoft and deep-dive into how some of these can impact your life in a positive way – whether that’s at work or at home. This includes everything from AI integration in Excel and Powerpoint, to heavier machine-learning apps. We’ll also touch on the resources available to learn more and expand your own knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.


Aaiman Aamir

Toronto Reactor Program Manager

Live Oak
Emotion and Innovation: Harness Your EQ for Real Transformation

We finally have permission to feel! 

Mankind has long told the story that emotion is weakness, but research has identified an unappreciated and dismissed component of innovation and creativity:

Emotional intelligence. Unlike IQ, EQ can be taught, and it can be learned. Scientists have found that higher creativity is, in fact, linked to emotional self-awareness that allows us, as innovators, to ride the ups and downs of the innovative and creative process. Innovation is not just a cognitive process. It is about doing something different, something new or unusual, it requires courage, which comes from the French word ‘corage’ which means heart, and it takes heart to step into uncharted waters. Cecilia Rose leads you on a journey into the unknown, your untapped potential hiding in your EQ. Connect to your creativity by unleashing, and harnessing the power of your emotions.

Cecilia Rose

Master Certified Coach

Elm Room
Workflow Zen: Techniques For Automating Your Workflow

Coordinating your team’s activities, dozens of web tools, and the processes that keep your business running is a challenge. With hundreds of web applications for e-commerce, content marketing, social media, data collection, contact management, and project management managing data, campaigns and activities can be a challenge – especially if you’re not technical. In this session learn some of the tools and proven ‘recipes’ for assembling a workflow for any team that will work in real life.

  • Learn how to put together a simple workflow for my business
  • Learn to efficiently move data from one system to another?
  • Learn to get more work done and by automating the right tasks and activities.


Kelsey Ruger
VP, User Experience & Digital Marketing
3:15 pm


3:30 pm
Closing Keynote Session and Happy Hour


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Closing Keynote Session with Hernan Tagliani
The new America. Capitalize on the multicultural mainstream.


There are 133,211,770 multicultural Americans in the U.S. and they account for 37.5% of the U.S. population as of 2019.  In addition, Hispanics account for the largest multicultural segment at 19.5%, and are the second fastest growing ethnic group since 2000, with 83% growth. 

As the market changes and evolves, it forces corporations and non-profit organizations to reevaluate their marketing strategies to assure a steadfast growth for the years to come.

Technology and diversity are challenging companies and their brands to redefine themselves, discover new market opportunities, and develop compelling customer experiences. 

Hernan Tagliani will dive into why culturally relevant strategies and having a diverse and inclusive workforce are key to gaining the competitive edge that organizations need in today’s hypercompetitive market. 

Hernan Tagliani

President and Founder The Group Advertising/ 2019 CEO of the Year/ Author/ Business Speaker/ Multicultural Marketing Expert/ National Contributing Writer

Top Three Reasons to Attend Marketing Edge:

  1. Prime Networking. This event has networking like no other. Meet like-minded professionals to broaden your network.
  2. Education. Unique learning environment with top speakers that will help you to stay abreast of the top trends in our industry.
  3. Value. If you attend only one marketing event this year, MarketingEDGE 2019 is  one of the most extensive and diverse educational programs for the cost. It offers programming that allows you to gain new skills and knowledge to enhance your expertise as a marketing professional.

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