Letter to Your Boss

Need to convince your boss that Marketing Edge: The One Thing is a must for your professional development in 2023?

Here’s a letter you can use to make your case!

Dear [Insert Manager’s name],

I would like to attend AMA Houston’s Marketing Edge: The One Thing. It is a half-day conference on November 9, 2023, at the Bell Tower on 34th in Houston, Texas. This event features TED-like talks, a keynote, networking opportunities, and will allow me to learn about emerging trends and best practices. The return on the investment would be significant.

The conference aligns directly with the priorities of our department:

  • [insert priority one]
  • [insert priority two]
  • [insert priority three]

The conference will give me a chance to learn the newest trends across the marketing spectrum. From branding to digital marketing, the content will be phenomenal. I’ll have the opportunity to learn alongside big brands, small companies, and other marketing experts. And with marketing software companies, agency representatives, and others from the marketing community on-site, I’ll be able to build new and exciting business relationships. There are several specific benefits of attending this event:

Hosted in Houston, TX – An accessible and affordable location that will allow us to be efficient with our conference budget.
In-depth marketing content. There will be no “filler” sessions with irrelevant material. I will go with a specific purpose and leave with ready-to-implement strategies and tactics.

Accelerated professional skills and opportunities – I will have the opportunity to network with marketing professionals and vendors to learn what works in other industries. I hope to make connections with potential partners and contacts to improve our business.

A “best of both worlds” perspective – After meeting with speakers who have both big picture and “in the trenches” experience, I will get a broad understanding of industry best practices as well as issues we will face day-to-day.

Here is a complete breakdown of the conference costs: (remove most travel if you’re local)
Airfare: $300
Transportation: $80
Hotel: $200
Meals: $50
Conference Fee: $265
TOTAL: $895

I’m excited to level up my marketing skills in 2023 and I’m confident in the significant return we will receive for this relatively small investment in career development.

Thank you again for your consideration of this request.

[Your standard close]