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JR Miller

UX Writing Lead

Meaningful Messaging

“Everyone knows how to write, right?’ In this talk, writer and designer, JR Miller discusses the marketing, design, and brand element often overlooked by senior stakeholders: language. With an emphasis on clarity, consistency, and honesty, even the leanest of teams will learn techniques to make their copy and external communications more effective, more impactful, and more meaningful.

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Danny Gavin

Chief Strategist and Founder

Facebook and Instagram Ads for Lead Generation in 2022

The launch of iOS 14 had a decimating effect on many ad platforms and marketers and made it increasingly challenging to track and target one’s potential customers. In the aftermath, there are still ways that marketers, particularly when it comes to lead generation, can be super successful when running ads on Facebook and Instagram in 2022. In this session you will learn:

  • The best practices for setting up and maximizing lead gen campaigns
  • The secret to combat and optimize against post Apple iOS dataloss
  • The system to optimize your campaigns on quality vs quantity
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Catherine Brown

Inventor and Chief Trainer

Create a Cease Fire: How to Gain Marketing & Sales Alignment

 Most marketing leaders see less revenue and experience more frustration than necessary because their marketing and sales teams are not aligned on goals, message, and strategy. This age-old frustration can stop today.

Catherine Brown, author of How Good Humans Sell™, will share 3 takeaways you can begin implementing immediately to reduce friction between your sales and marketing team.

You will walk away with:

  • 3 practical suggestions you can take to your next all-hands meeting
  • specific examples of how B2B companies achieve alignment today
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Aaron Knape

CEO and Co-Founder

From Startup to Scaling: How One Startup has Evolved Marketing Through Growth.

In this session, Aaron Knape will share his experiences with growing his company, sEATz, from a two-person, home-based startup to a growing platform in over 10 states executing hundreds of events. You’ll get the inside scoop on:

  • The role and implementation of marketing in the early days
  • How the company viewed visibility at different stages of growth
  • How, as a growth stage company, it views the marketing function to help scale the business
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Heather McLeod

Chief Marketing Officer
Authority Brands

Future-Proofing Your Marketing Organization

When you’re building your marketing plan for the year, it’s always a balance of goals, budget, staffing and other resources. With twelve consumer facing brands, two B-B brands and a franchise sales organization, Authority Brands has a huge amount of marketing priorities to balance. This session will focus on tips and tricks to build a resilient marketing organization that scales beyond one singular brand, product, or objective.

Danny Gavin photo

Kyle Smith

Head of Marketing

How to Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Brand

Newsflash: the majority of buyers trust recommendations from other people over branded content. That’s why influencer marketing is such a powerful growth tactic. With a booming creator economy, new NIL regulations, and the explosion of TikTok and digital media, it’s a perfect time for brands to tap into the audiences of influencers, creators, and athletes to help them achieve their business goals. Kyle will cover

  • The benefits of influencer marketing and how it stacks up against PPC, social ads, and other marketing strategies
  • Best practices to get started regardless of your industry or budget: how to find an influencer who is a brand fit, how to set terms and deliverables, and how to measure success
  • B2B and B2C examples of successful influencer campaigns in 2021 and what lies ahead in 2022
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Tim Hines

The Marketing Starter

It’s Time to Mix it Up! – Rethinking Your Channels in a Post-Digital Age

Marketers have fallen into the trap of recycling their digital methods over and over while numbing buyers into a slow digital death. Marketers must mix up their strategy to reach buyers where and how they want, with the right message to win new business. Let’s unpack what a new, healthy, post-digital marketing mix looks like in today’s oversaturated landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn what ‘post-digital’ means and the challenges marketers face
  • Get actionable tactics that can be used in your next marketing campaign
  • Be re-motivated in this ever-ambiguous marketing universe
Danny Gavin photo

Jenny Salinas

Vice President of Marketing
S&P Global Platts

Get in the collaboration zone; Why cross-functional alignment is essential to hybrid sales and marketing

Marketing’s many roles and stakeholder groups continue to evolve. Flexing and agile marketing have new meaning. Digital experiences dominate our investment priorities. We’re creators, communicators, and sales enablers, but what could be our most important role in the coming cycle amidst transitions and recovery?

In this session you will:

  • Gain a perspective on how acting as ‘chief connector’ can unify go-to-market teams, generate deeper customer insights, and drive shared business outcomes
  • Understand the opportunities this moment in time presents for marketers to refresh our working model, data, and collaboration strategies and deliver hybrid CX
  • Learn how and why we should lead change
Danny Gavin photo

Nathan Lindstrom

Nathan Lindstrom Photography

PANEL: Why Should I Give a DAM?

Implementing an effective Digital Asset Management system not only safely stores photo and video assets, it increases both productivity and effectiveness of a marketing department by making those assets easy to find and access.

In this discussion, led by photographer and digital asset management expert, Nathan Lindstrom, you will hear from top companies about the advantages of having a DAM system, what a good system needs to be an effective asset for an organization, and a brief overview/review of several DAM systems on the market.


Killy Chavez, Associate Director of Photography at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Zach Tarrant, Photography Manager and Team Photographer for The Houston Texans

Danny Gavin photo

Kathleen Perley


5 Ways to Incorporate DEI into your organization’s online presence

Many organizations put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into a small box and solely use it when and how they need—think, too many companies that never speak on DEI racing to change their logos and profile pictures during Pride Month, Black History Month, and more.

In reality, authentic DEI should be infused in everything a company does and not just another trend. When it isn’t, organizations face the true cost of not embracing it: compliance lawsuits, negative PR, alienation, and the loss of consumers. Fortunately, it’s not an impossible feat to identify pitfalls and develop a roadmap to help your organization fully adopt an authentic marketing plan. We will share actionable tips on how to incorporate DEI into your organization’s online presence that will create long-term value.

Danny Gavin photo

Scott Berg

Vice President–Global Revenue and Field Marketing
Hitachi Vantara

It’s easy as K-P-I’s: The metrics you should share with management executives to make your case

Data, Data, Data – it’s everywhere.  But what metrics are really important?  What metrics do different levels of your organization need?  And more importantly, how do you provide insights into the data without getting caught up in it?

Key takeaways:

  • List of the Key Metrics Company Executives, Marketing Executives and Marketers need
  • The narrative to follow when presenting marketing results to the C-Level and Board of Directors
  • How to make the case for more marketing program budget utilizing metrics

You’ll become a marketer who can discuss the insights to marketing KPI vs. just presenting the numbers.

Danny Gavin photo

Allie Danziger

CEO & Co-Founder

Harnessing Gen Z Talent

Organizations of all sizes are adjusting to recruit, retain and empower the next generation of employees, and just as every new generation has entered the workforce with its own new demands, Gen Z is diverse, pragmatic, and seeking stability and support from employers. Ampersand is an internship training platform that has worked with over 4,000 18- to 24-year-olds in the last year, and its CEO, Allie, will discuss best practices to engage emerging talent, and provide tips for creating an effective marketing internship program that can build companies’ talent pipeline with effective trial-to-hire strategies and get valuable work done for the organization.

Attendees will walk away able to:

  • Identify one trait of Gen Z and how this generation is impacting workplaces.
  • Understand at least one trend in the future of the workplace.
  • Establish effective strategies to create a beneficial paid internship program.